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Hasno Ali

Hasno Ali

(Originally posted in the San Diego Reader February 6, 2013.)

On a warm Sunday afternoon in late September, the San Diego Public Market teems with socially responsible shoppers toting reusable bags.

A crowd of eight to ten people is in front of a booth marked with a canvas sign that reads “East African Cuisine.” Some browse the menu or reach for the small sample cups filled with a purple-hibiscus iced tea. Others peer through the glass in front of the steam table to get a look at the food. The rest wait for their turn to order.

“I just want you to make me a plate,” a woman in a fuchsia tank top says, leaning against the glass, “like you did for my husband.”

Hasno Ali, the round-faced, 46-year-old owner of East African Cuisine, grabs a large Styrofoam container from a stack on the table beside her and begins to fill it with rice, lentils, and cabbage.

The woman in fuchsia claps her hands in anticipation. “I want it all!” she says. “How much for the sambusas? I want a chicken and a beef.”

Ali’s face beams at the woman’s enthusiasm, and before she closes the container, she adds a chicken kebab.

“No charge,” she says, smiling.

A man in a faded denim cap that reads “Santa Barbara” bypasses the crowd in front of the booth, approaching from a side angle, and asks, “What’s a sambusa?”

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  1. Lori

    Delicious food, wonderful lady. You should stop by for lunch!

  2. Lori

    On Wed. my friend and I were at the San Diego Public Market and stopped by this wonderful smelling booth. There was a lovely lady, Hasno Ali, who was giving out samples and after our first taste, we both bought a lunch plate and sat at a table to enjoy our food. While talking to Hasno Ali, we found out she taught cooking classes, so we are going to sign up as soon as we can. She also mentioned that she would be at the newly opened Farmer’s Market in El Cajon the next day, Thurs. Well, on Thurs. we went to find her with our shopping bags and food containers in hand. We loaded up on more delicious food and took it home for dinner. Stop by and try her food, you will be glad you did!

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