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BACKSTORY: Temporary TV Fame

BACKSTORY: Temporary TV Fame

My friend Dave has been a music journalist since the beginning of time, and every time I talk to him, he reminds me that things aren’t the way they used to be. Last summer, he hinted that he had something in the pipeline that was going to help buffer the impact of the slowdown.  For months, he wouldn’t tell me what it was. But then finally, once he’d signed a contract, he informed me he’d landed a gig as a judge on a local reality/talent show, 3 Minutes to Stardom.

Dave happened to pass the news onto me when I was in the middle of researching a piece on local reality show veterans. I figured the show would provide a fun entry point for my story, so I jumped in the car with my trusty sidekick, and fellow-writer, Siobhan, and we headed up to the Valley View Casino to watch them tape an episode.

It was a trippy experience (which I wrote about for the Reader and so won’t duplicate here), surreal and absurd. My favorite part was when, during a commercial break, a woman sitting a few seats down from us jumped up, ran to the judge’s table, and began to powder Dave’s head.  I had no idea the make-up girl (Brittany, I later learned) was planted in the audience.

A couple of weeks ago, I coerced Siobhan to go back to the casino with me a second time to catch some of the shenanigans that happen in the hotel suite where the judges get ready on Friday afternoons before each taping.

Dave and Ashlee ham it up while they get ready.

Dave and Ashlee ham it up while they get ready.


Dave Good.

Dave. Mid-makeup.


YouTube Preview Image


3 Minutes to Stardom Judges

Dave sent me this promo shot. He calls it “Guns.” I call it, “Delana has a beautiful smile, and Ashlee has amazing posture.”


While Dave and the other judges went off to do their job, Siobhan and I snuck into the back room to chat with contestants.


Falcon Rhodes

On the week 11 episode, Falcon Rhodes received the first perfect score of the season. She made it through a couple more rounds, but unfortunately did not make the final cut. Here, Siobhan interviews Falcon Rhodes for her fashion blog.


Avianna Acid

Avianna Acid (she swears it’s her real name) lives in Normal Heights. She has tried out for American Idol three times. In 2011, she made it as far as Hollywood week. Unfortunately, her dream did not come true at 3 Minutes to Stardom.  As far as I know, she still has a day job as an environmental consultant with San Diego Gas & Electric.


Our venture into the back room didn’t last long before we were kicked out and forced to go drink a beer in one of the casino’s eateries.


Siobhan Braun

Siobhan is up for almost any adventure. We once turned over a dune buggy together.


I’m still hoping for a call from an agent or producer or talent scout who saw my amazing audience performance during our first escapade to Valley View.  I’m ready for my big break.  Lucky Dave already got his!










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