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About Me

Eliza Elizabeth Salaam Resume

A palm-reader once told me writing is, for me, a sanity saver, that it stands between me and my complete undoing. I believe this. I’d say it holds true mostly for the anxiety-ridden poetry of my youth, my short- and long-fiction, and my personal essays, all of which I’ve written in order to make sense of the world and my place in it.

So there’s that.

For many years, I thought that’s all there was to my relationship with writing: a sort of private intimacy, self-expression, and all that.

But then I fell in the with the fine folks at the San Diego Reader, and I learned that writing is also a great excuse for getting out in the world and seeing through other people’s eyes. It has been, for me, an excellent excuse for meeting people I might never have come into contact with and having adventures that I’d never attempt on my own.

Through a magical combination of ass-kickings and encouragement from my editor at the Reader, I learned to fully immerse myself in the details of the solid world and the hidden stories of the people that populate it.

As I write this, I’ve been with the San Diego Reader for five years. In that time, I’ve published nearly 50 cover stories and 30-something feature and news stories, including a series of (currently 17) profiles on random San Diegans.

I’ve published other stories, too: in Elle magazine, in the New York-based Uptown magazine, and all over the pages of Girls Guide to Real Estate, but mostly what I’ve featured here on this site is my work with the Reader. It’s not an exhaustive list (I probably don’t update it as often as I should), but many of the links will take you to the Reader website in case you’re interested in reading the stories in their entirety, or in browsing around for what’s missing here.

Along with my freelance work, I’m also editing a novel I wrote (Blink) which was long-listed for the Myslexia novel competition in 2013.

We’ll see what happens with that.

Thanks for stopping in.


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